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Tahitian Noni - Product Lines

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 A New Way To Care For Your Skin! Feli's Salon & Spa is proud to offer Tahitian Noni to our clients. As expert Tahitian Noni specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Waldorf, MD area. Our decision to offer Tahitian Noni to our valued customers is part of this commitment. We use Tahitian Noni in all of our skin and body treatments. The Natural Repairs in Tahitian Noni product line addresses the root cause of premature aging. With the popularity of Extreme Makeover and Dr.90210, many people believe the only way to improve the skin's appearance is through aggressive chemical peels or invasive surgies. But if you have the right tools, you don't need to be so aggressive. In some cases, these harsh treatments just thin the skin. You've probably seen women with very thin, delicate, translucent skin. Often, they are the ones using the most aggressive treatments, and all they've managed to do is thin the skin to the point where there is no longer a healthy skin barrier. And Since your skin is your first form of protection, the thinner it is and the less resilience it has, the easier it is for other problems to arise. With Noni, you can move beyond those kinds of harsh treatments and gently return your skin to its ideal condition!